The Collar of Obedience



The collar has two effects. First, a human mage wearing it can spend 5 mana points to transform into a Mabari war dog. The mage retains his intelligence but cannot cast spells while transformed. Returning to human form also costs 5 MP. Second, the wearer of the collar can reverse the normal master/dog relationship. This is a long process that takes many months but ultimately the transformed mage can make a human “master” obey his wishes without the master realizing that his thoughts are no longer his own. The enchantment is broken if the master witnesses the transformation of the mage/dog, or if the collar is removed.


The Collar of Obedience is the source of the apostate Blacktail’s unusual powers. Blacktail stole the collar from a crazy hermit who lives in the Brecilian Forest. He does not know its origin. The collar is made from copper discs green with age, and each disc is backed with an unaturally viscious, sharp spike that digs into the flesh of the wearer’s neck. A crude pictogram of dog’s teeth has been inscribed on each one.

The Collar of Obedience

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