A new Blight rises to the south and with it, the whisperings of a new god.

The year is 9:47 Dragon and while Thedas is currently at peace, the recent Blight and the Chantry-Circle War has left nations reeling on the brink of economic collapse and civil war. To make matters worse, Alistair Theirin, King of Ferelden, is nearing his Calling and no one has risen to inherit the throne. With whispers of a new Blight rising in the Kocari Wilds and an enigmatic leader rising in the Anderfels, decisions must be made that will change the face of Thedas forever.

Who will stand to defend Thedas against the rising tide with the disappearance of both the Warden Commander and Hawke, the Champion of Kirkwall?

Blood in Ferelden

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